We were sad to hear that a construction accident resulted in a worker’s death last Sunday. The accident happened in Kentucky, while the employee was working on Amazon’s CVG construction site.

What Happened

Officials are still conducting an investigation, but we do know that Mister Shoemake passed of blunt force trauma while working onsite. (Original Story) There are a number of ways someone can sustain blunt-force trauma on a worksite. These can include being struck by a motorized vehicle, falling, or being struck by a falling object.

PPEFall protection inforgraphic

While it can’t prevent every potential hazard from harming you, wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can certainly prevent many worksite accidents from happening.

Standard PPE for most construction sites includes safety vests, helmets, eye-protection (helmet attachment or goggles), approved gloves, or boots. Remember that safety vests are important to maintain visibility while others are operating machinery around you.

Additionally, employees working at or above 6 feet from the ground must wear fall protection gear, according to regulations. While in some instances partial fall protection is allowed, it is really much safer to wear full fall protection gear when working at heights, especially where there is potential to trip, slip, and especially, fall.

Struck-By Hazards

Injuries involving being struck by or hit by objects and vehicles are common on construction sites and can be fatal.  These types of injuries occur from tools falling from equipment while performing maintenance, items falling onto an employee, or being hit by equipment or machinery.
To avoid struck-by injuries, follow these guidelines:
  • Wear your hard hat to avoid falling objects
  • Stack materials properly to keep them from sliding, falling, or collapsing onto workers
  • Secure tools and materials so they won’t fall on people below
  • Don’t work under cranes, hoists, or heavy machinery while they are operating
  • Perform a thorough pre-shift inspection of any hoist wire rope, lifting hooks, and chains
  • Inspect tools and make sure proper guards are in place
  • Never clean clothing with compressed air.

This construction accident reminds us that every day brings the risk of accidents. Stay alert and up-to-date with the proper PPE and safety hazards specific to your worksite.

Our hearts go out to the Shoemake family and friends from Campbell County who were affected by this tragic loss.

For more information on worksite safety training, including Fall Protection, visit our website safetyprovisions.com.

Good luck and stay safe!