Get a Copy of Your Certificate & Wallet Card

Both OSHA and OHS/CSA standards are very clear when it comes to properly recording operator safety training, as well as proving operator certification at any given moment. While you will always have access to an electronic record of your training course, test and score, and a copy of your certificate and wallet card on our online training system, it is wise and, in many cases, required that you keep hard copies both in the office and on hand. Certificates should be filed by your employer while wallet cards should be carried on your person at all times.

So if you’d prefer to have us mail you one of our professionally designed and printed copies, just choose from any of the three options below. Or contact us to speak with an expert about your specific situation. NOTE: The pricing of this add-on product is designed for individual operators. Deep discounts are available for employers or managers that would like all of their employees to have a copy of their wallet cards and/or certificates.

For Training Kit Customers

For Online Training Customers