The EPA recently released a list of 83 disinfectants that you can use to fight the spread of coronavirus. You may recognize household names on this list such as Clorox, Lysol, and Sani-Cloth.

What the EPA Says About COVID-19:

The EPA expects that these products will be effective against coronavirus because they’ve worked on harder-to-kill viruses and other strains of human coronavirus similar to COVID-19. (EPA)

The EPA suggests checking your disinfectants for their EPA registration number. This information is on the product label next to “EPA Reg. No.” While your disinfectant may be marketed under a different name than what you find on the list, as long as the registration number matches, you can use it against COVID-19.

What the CDC Says About Protecting Yourself:

While there isn’t a vaccine to prevent coronavirus, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to avoid exposure. Coronavirus spreads when you are in close contact with someone who is already infected (about 6 feet away).

Be especially cautious in touching your face with unwashed hands. This seems obvious, but don’t come in close contact with people who have coronavirus.

What the CDC Says About Protecting Others:

Just like when you have a cold, take it easy and stay home if you contract coronavirus. Be sure to cover your mouth for sneezes and co