Like many others, we are shocked to hear of a propane explosion that occurred at Farmington’s LEAP site last year. We give our deepest sympathies to those affected by the loss of their fire captain, and to friends and families of everyone injured in the accident.

OSHA has continued to investigate this company. So far, they have fined LEAP for multiple serious violations due to this disaster.

What Happened

The propane explosion took out the entire LEAP building last September. One of the seven employees recognized signs of these hazards. He evacuated the building and called the emergency response beforehand. The fire from the explosion severely burned him, but he saved many lives with his ability to recognize these red flags and act quickly.

In total, the blast injured seven employees, and Fire Captain Michael Bell was killed while assisting on-site.

Fire Captain Michael Bell

Fire Captian Michael Bell

Starting in January, the Public Utilities Commission fined Techno Metal Post $1,000 for failing to call them before starting excavation. They also failed to properly mark the site beforehand, which sat near a newly installed 400-gallon propane tank. This issue serves as a serious reminder of the importanc