The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has recently released updated its standards for all aerial lifts, including boom and scissor lifts. Then new ANSI A92 will apply to all owners, operators, users, dealers, and manufacturers. While the new standard covers several items, there are two, in particular, we wish to discuss today.

New Classifications

First, ANSI is changing the name of the machines. Now, aerial lifts will be referred to as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (or MEWPs). Additionally, MEWPs will have two different classifications:

  1. Those that have a platform center that doesn’t move outside the perimeter of the chassis (for example, scissor lifts).
  2. Those that have a platform center that can extend beyond the chassis (for example, boom lifts).

ANSI breaks each classification down even further, into three different types:

  • Machines that can travel only in a stowed position and must be moved manually
  • MEWPs that have controls located on the chassis and can be driven with the platform elevated
  • MEWPs that have controls located on the work platform and can be driven with the platform elevated

Training Requirement Changes 

ANSI is also implementing new training standards. Everyone directly involved with a MEWP, including supervisors and operators, must be trained in these areas:

  • Choosing the correct MEWP for the work at hand
  • All rules, regulations, and standards for safe operation of a MEWP
  • Potential hazards
  • How to protect against those hazards
  • Ensuring the operating manual is stored on the machine, in a weather-resistant compartment

Usually, owners are solely responsible for training. However, operators must now give basic training to anyone working on the platform with them. Also, maintenance workers must have specific training on how to repair and maintain MEWPs to the manufacturer’s specifications and ANSI’s standards.

You can see a complete list of changes at the Genie website.

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Good luck and stay safe!